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the muddy weaver

About the Artist

My name is Andrea, a.k.a. The Muddy Weaver. I have been an artist my whole life (though I didn't always have the confidence to call myself that). I have worn many creative hats throughout my career, including graphic designer and art teacher. 

In the early 2010s, my life took a turn that has led me down the most beautiful path. While working on my Masters degree, I had the joy of taking a fibers class (where I fell in love with weaving) and a pottery class (where I overcame my fear of the potter's wheel). Thus, The Muddy Weaver was born (well, my IG handle was born at least). 

For the past couple of years, I have spent many hours at my local community pottery studio as a way to maintain my mental health. And now, with boxes overflowing with my creations, it is time for me to take a mega leap and share them with others. I hope you will enjoy looking around and possibly giving one of my pieces a good home.

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